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August Flanagan, Natalie Gordon
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Update is an online language learning community for Spanish speaking English learners, and English speaking Spanish learners.

Our members can connect for online conversation exchanges using an embedded VOIP app developed by

Our writing club allows members to submit daily writings in the language they are learning, and then receive feedback and corrections from other members of our community.

We also provide an SRS flashcard program which integrates with these other two components to help users memorize new words and phrases. The program tracks their learning process, telling them what to study, and when to study it to ensure long-term retention of new material.

We are a team of two (Natalie Gordon was previously a software developer at, and August Flanagan has a research background in biochemistry and molecular biology.) About ten months ago we began traveling around Latin America following our dream of becoming fluent Spanish speakers. We are very passionate about helping independent language learners, and, because of our own experiences, have a specific passion for helping Spanish and English learners connect with one another.

The entire project has been bootstrapped while living and traveling in Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Lenguajero was built using google app engine, and we used to outsource our design work. The rest of the project has been developed by the two of us and our now very beaten-up laptops.

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