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Leeyo Software provides enterprise-class solutions for revenue recognition automation and management.
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Leeyo is the leading provider of software solutions for revenue recognition automation and management. RevPro by Leeyo is the first enterprise class “out-of-box” software solution for automation of both Accounting Standards Update 2009-13 and 14 (aka EITF 08-1 and 09-3) and Accounting Standards Update (ASC) 985 (formerly SOP 97-2) in the market. RevPro was developed to meet the needs of revenue recognition users, handle the complexities of the new revenue rules and overcome the limitations of ERP systems.

Leeyo Software was founded by accounting and IT professionals with extensive industry experience in revenue recognition. Our founders noted a common theme across industries: complex revenue recognition processes that require manual processes or significant ERP / database customization. Their goal was simple but ambitious: develop a software solution to automate all key revenue recognition requirements that works with any ERP system.

At Leeyo Software, our mission is to provide best-in-class software solutions for revenue recognition automation and management. Founded by IT and technical accounting experts, we understand the importance of protecting your revenue, one of the most significant and valuable items on your financial statements. We have developed and enhanced our flagship product, RevPro, to incorporate revenue best practices. RevPro is the first proven out-of-box revenue solution that empowers companies to manage their revenue.

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