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Rob Arthurs
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Leebug is a social networking platform that provides advanced, custom tools for conferences and professional events.

The founders are experienced event producers and are doing things differently than other event networking websites. Leebug offers powerful tools not provided by the leading social networks and a completely different business model than those who build custom event communities.

Leebug provides registration integration, custom attendee filters, Meet Up creation (events within the main conference), virtual booths and The Hub, a social media dashboard, a mobile app and much more.

Virtual Booths (v-Booths), which are interactive company profiles, can be purchased by attendees to promote themselves beyond the days of the event.

Event communities are set up for free on the website and revenue generated from sales of v-Booths is split with the event producers - allowing them to increase their bottom line by using the platform.

Leebug integrates with LinkedIn so users can import their profile, and Twitter for status updates and event stream publishing in The Hub.

While custom event community websites such as Pathable and Crowdvine could be considered competitors, their business model is much different. They charge the event producer for the community, whereas Leebug offers the platform to the event producer for free and, through revenue sharing, allows them to increase revenue.

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