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$1 Million in 1 Round from 2 Investors
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$1 Million Grant on January 1, 2011
Ann Arbor, MI
LectureTools, a web-based student response and learning environment, facilitates in-class communication between instructors and students.
Kiran Jagadeesh, Jason Aubrey, Perry Samson
Technology, Colleges, Education

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LectureTools is a web-based student response and learning environment that facilitates in-class communication between instructors and students with laptops and mobile phones.

LectureTools began at the University of Michigan as a research project and is now a technology spinoff preparing for commercial launch. Our simple and intuitive interface enables the addition of interactivity to lectures. Independent research has since shown that LectureTools improves student engagement and attentiveness in large classes.

During lecture, instructors can unhide slides and pose several types of student response activities to students. The Presentation Dashboard allows instructors to track student comprehension and receive notifications when students are struggling. The student inquiry channel allows students to ask questions possibly answered by teaching assistants in real-time, empowering even the least confident students to speak up. Answered questions are visible anonymously to the entire class, allowing students to learn from each other.

LectureTools is run in the cloud and requires no special hardware, installation, or downloads. We provide instructors with a single system where they can upload lecture slides for your students to access. Students have a built in note-taking tool designed for the lecture environment, as well as the ability to bookmark slides for further review.

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