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LaughStub is a venue management and ticketing platform for live comedy.
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TicketMob is a venue management and ticketing platform and is the parent company of LaughStub, TuneStub, and ElectroStub.

LaughStub was the company's original name as they launched in comedy in 2009, specializing in ticketing for live comedy. Their comedy clients include The Improv Comedy Clubs, Second City, The Comedy Store, Gotham Comedy Club, Stand Up Live, as well as 100 other comedy clubs and several top touring comedians. LaughStub.com is the publishing platform for comedy where consumers can find tickets for comedy shows in their area.

TuneStub is Ticketmob's music vertical and works with clients like The Roxy Lounge, Largo, Saint Rocke, Velvet Jones, Rosas Lounge, and Harvelle's Jazz clubs.

ElectroStub is Ticketmob's nightlife and Electronic Dance Music platform with nationally known nightclub clients like Drais, Lavo, & Dollhouse, promoters like Glowfest, Dim Mak, & Relentless Beats, and DJs like Morgan Page and Bad Boy Bill.

The company is located in Los Angeles, California and does ticketing for over 250 venues, promoters, and artists. Other tools the company provides to clients include website CMS, Customer database management tools and CRM tools, Email blast software, box office software, and social marketing tools.

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  • LaughStub.com

    2038 Armacost

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    Los Angeles, CA 90025


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