September 15, 2008
St Louis, MO
Interactive, web and mobile platform
English-Speaking, iPhone, Mobile, Internet, Language Learning, Education, Travel, Software

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LangLearner allows for the rapid learning of more than 90 language pairs through new and highly effective techniques.

LangLearner is a technology that adapts to your own learning style. We provide a fun, practical, intuitive way to learn which focuses on accelerated learning of vocabulary and pronunciation.

LangLearner is distinctive because of its unique features. It is the only language-learning tool to support multiple language pairs. This provides the benefit of localized learning based on native language and further accelerates the learning process. At this time, LangLearner offers 10 different languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Additional languages will be added in the near future.

LangLearner products include interactive multimedia web platform and mobile applications available on iPhone/iPod Touch, Windows Mobile phones (HTC, samsung, etc) and more.

We are a global language solution provider for the business/leisure travelers, travel services companies and others in hospitality. Our products are helping many business executives, expats and travelers with their communication challenges while conducting business, living or enjoying a journey abroad from around the world including the word most traveled people (see

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