Los Altos Hills, CA
Kwanzoo provides a cloud-based media marketing platform that integrates display advertising and retargeting with marketing automation.
Rahul Pathak
Lead Generation, Brand Marketing, Advertising, Software

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Kwanzoo provides a cloud-based rich media marketing platform, that uniquely integrates display advertising & retargeting with marketing automation (MAP) & CRM

Mission Enable marketers to quickly and easily build and run highly engaging, integrated, rich media marketing campaigns, that accelerate demand across all online channels.

Company Overview Cloud-based rich media marketing & advertising platform. Grow top-of-funnel leads with in-banner forms and video lead form ads. Marketers can execute an effective marketing plan and content marketing strategy. Improve nurture programs through display & email with rich media polls. Ensure high ROI from b2c and b2b advertising & b2b marketing campaigns. Deliver highly relevant, dynamic ads with persona-based & account-based content and offers. Increase lead conversions, lower media costs, increase webinar registrations. Platform comes with an easy to use rich media display ad builder and banner maker.

Clients: SAP, HP, Box, Fidelity FIS, Paychex, Proofpoint, Zend, UBM TechWeb

Description Cloud-based platform to deploy rich media and dynamic ad creative with out-of-the-box integration into marketing automation & CRM. Achieve lower media costs for display and retargeting campaigns. Dynamic creative increases lead conversions, improves nurture programs, and accelerates the sales pipeline for higher ROI.

Do-it-yourself platform makes it easy to build and deploy rich media, with out-of-the-box integration into MAP & CRM. Multiple rich media formats, including in-banner lead forms (collect lead data directly inside banner ads); video lead forms that link to Youtube videos; rich media polls (customizable polls for websites, landing pages or inside emails); dynamic ad serving technology to personalize ads and content offers, integrated with Eloqua, Marketo, Silverpop, Salesforce, Oracle Fusion CRM.

General Information Kwanzoo integrates and partners with Oracle/Eloqua, Marketo, Silverpop, Salesforce, Oracle/Fusion CRM, Citrix GotoWebinar, Netprospex, ZoomInfo. Kwanzoo is certified on the Google Display Network, Google Admob, DoubleClick DART, and several ad and retargeting networks, buy-side platforms and ad exchanges.

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