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April 1, 2009
Danbury, CT
Mobile Live Video Broadcast
Jim Montalto, Brian Meehan, Lisa Cerbone
Mobile Video, Mobile

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Knocking is like having a live mobile phone web cam. It is the fastest way to broadcast and view live video direct to or from your friends, family and just about anyone.

Send and receive short form LIVE VIDEO anywhere on 3G or Wifi, direct Phone to Phone. Follow your favorite celebrity or just your buds.

Knocking 1.0 had 1.5 Million Users in 150 days. Knocking 2.0 coming May 2011.

Knocking was the first cross platform phone to phone video iPhone to Androids. Knocking 2.0 will alow following, tagging, searching, re-knocking, sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Knocking is a better, faster way to communicate with your social world. It is direct mobile to mobile live video. Where you once got a call, or an e-mail, or a text or pix message, now you get a knock. In fact you hear a real knock on your mobile device or smartphone.

When you answer you see live video from your those you're following smartphones anytime, anywhere, instantly. It is truly the fastest, easiest, and most intriguing way to share. Knocking is instant visual messaging. What’s important about knocking is that it’s truly live. For the first time, everyone can experience what anyone is doing, as it’s happening.

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  • Knocking HQ

    109 Federal Road, #201

    Danbury, CT 06811