Mobile gadgets at small scales, built by small teams
Rohit Agarwal
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November 2, 1999
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Khitchdee brings down the art of building gadgets from the realm of the gods to common people. They build tools to enable a small tech team to build gadgets using a new dev process. Unlike mainstream processes, this process is optimized for small scale gadget production, from 1 to 10000 units at a time.

Here are their first steps to build this new process: They follow a top-down approach to design with the user at the top. then the UI, then the app, the OS and finally hardware. They start at the app level with the function. They identify a class of their users and build a Windows apps made just for their use. In their first product, they help new programmers learn real-world programming in Khitchdee style. They teach them how they built their first Windows app that helps them write code much more efficiently. As they learn more programming, they are able to extend this Win-app with their own facets. This creates synergy with their coding tools. Later these tools evolve to design gadgets, moving deeper down to the hardware level.

As MVP in building this first Win-app, they are building one to just document code. As input it will take a simple text file that has been designed to document code well. The Win-app will adapt to the programmer that is trying to view the code description in ways that will help them absorb the info. Khitchdee will use this Win-app as a way to describe their current code-base to sophomores who have a programming course under their belts. They want students to get hands on with their code. These students will help build project momentum. Donald Knuth's focus on explaining your code as you write it through his Literate Programming has been a source of inspiration for them.

Khitchdee endorses generative programming. By writing some agents first that generate code, later coding can be made more efficient specially if there's some innate redundancy in the process of design across projects. This new approach gives coders greater control over their programming tool than the old one. It's no longer fixed-function but like playdo, they can mold the tool to the way they write code.

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