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$116.1 Million in 6 Rounds from 13 Investors
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$47 Million Series E on February 11, 2014
Kaltura is an open source online video platform enhancing websites with customized video, photo and audio functionalities.
Michal Tsur, Eran Etam, Shay David, Ron Yekutiel
Web CMS, Content, Video Editing, Open Source, Music, Web Tools, Media, Collaboration, Video, Software

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Kaltura provides the world's first Open Source Online Video Platform. Over 100,000 media & entertainment companies, enterprises, SMBs, educational institutions, service providers, platform vendors, and system integrators use Kaltura's flexible platform to enhance their websites, web-services, and web-platforms with advanced customized video, photo and audio functionalities. Kaltura's features and products enable easy deployment of custom work-flows involving video creation, ingestion, publishing, management, syndication, engagement, monetization and analysis. The free community-supported self-hosted software and source-code is available for download at A commercial version of the software can be obtained at along with Kaltura services such as streaming, hosting, transcoding, analytics, ad serving, support and maintenance packages, and professional development.

Founded in 2006, New York based Kaltura is a founding member of the ‘Open Video Alliance' (, a coalition of organizations dedicated to fostering open standards for online video. For more information:, and

Why Open Source Video? The open-source approach accelerates adoption and spurs innovation that rapidly and cost-effectively enables a multitude of highly-integrated solutions for a wide variety of use cases and verticals. While the platform itself is free, Kaltura profits by providing a wide range of value added services to its platform users. Our open source cost structure coupled with our large and fast growing customer base enables us to deliver these services at competitive pricing, and provide customer with several main benefits:

- No vendor lock-in - setting up a video platform and integrating it into existing workflows takes time and money, regardless of which platform you use - Kaltura is open source, so you're not locked in with a certain vendor, you have full access to the source code and can always continue to use the code, and your time and effort will never be wasted.

- SaaS vs. On Prem - Kaltura is the only platform that can be deployed as a hosted solution (like the other platforms in the market), or as a self-hosted platform behind your own firewall. This provides full security and control for organizations that have an on premise deployment policy. You can also select a hybrid of the two, and migrate from SaaS to On Prem.

- Application Exchange - Kaltura is the only provider that has an Application Exchange - a marketplace of add-ons, plug-ins, and applications that enhance the platform.

- Highest level of: FLEXIBILITY - open source code that can be tweaked and changed according to specific needs.

- Fastest pace of: INNOVATION - due to our global open source community of more than 10,000 members.

- EASIEST integration with existing systems - Kaltura's platform is modular and designed to fit into your existing systems and workflows. We have both pre-packaged extensions for leading CMS and LMS systems like Drupal, WordPress, Blackboard, Moodle and many more, as well as custom integration solutions for authentication systems, proprietary CMSs, payment systems, and more.

Since its public launch, New York-based Kaltura has won numerous awards and endorsements, including the coveted TechCrunch40 People’s Choice award, Mashable’s ‘Open Web’ award, Microsoft’s 2009 ‘most promising Israeli web startup’ award, AlwaysOn’s ‘top 250 startup’ and ‘top 100 media company’ awards, LeWeb’s ‘top 30 web startup’ award, the Open World Forum ‘Open Innovation’ award, Esquire Magazine’s ‘8 most promising Web 3.0 companies’, TV Week’s ‘5 most promising video startups for 2009’, and IDC’s ‘top 10 innovative application companies’.

Kaltura's customers and partners include media companies, universities, enterprises and SMBs and service providers. Kaltura has also partnered with the Wikimedia Foundation to provide a collaborative video solution for Wikipedia. Additional select customers include Fox, Paramount, HBO, Warner Brothers, The Times of India, Best Buy, Texas Instruments, Coldwell Banker, MIT, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, NYU, Columbia University, and Siemens.

Current Team (10)


Past Team (7)

  • 7917d726a353f6aab92117af0a602f93

    Leah Belsky

    VP Strategy, General Manager - EMEA
    Nov, 2009 - Jun 27, 2012
  • Qmym33zamm3zjagxfhm9

    Nir Erlich

    Head of Mobile and Player
    Jan 1, 2012 - Aug 1, 2012
  • 46f69343a8af7ff5e0a8dc516c7adc60

    Kevin Freund

    R&D and Professional Services - United States
    Nov 1, 2010 - Jul, 2012
  • A9c83c99f9611993f1dd308684357f24

    Anna Nativ

    VP Professional Services
    2010 - Jan, 2012
  • Pk8hhjqe6likwn7a0cnh

    Yuval Shemesh

    Managing Projects and Operations
  • 0c2e0357b4b62cb26469c96949100fb6

    Adi Vaxman

    Sr. Director of Business Operations
    Jun, 2009 - May, 2013
  • Da1a83c9e1d8d12db55cc9c741bac110

    Cindy Yates

    Worldwide Managing Director

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  • 6c7a3684f71c2d807fdf1a5294432dfe

    Luminari Capital

    Video Ecosystem Investment Fund
  • 6f89e12afcc38cc3971bf18586e3e23f

    .406 Ventures

    Early-stage venture capital firm
  • Ba5228ceadc22597a9036179534f5e3f

    Gera Venture

    Venture Capital
  • 1adc4cc32d1e1ba5ca2905312a2a80cd

    Intel Capital

    Intel Capital, Intel's global investment organization, makes equity investments in innovative...
  • 59eed27feefaf40ef77d723cc37ad3b1

    Nexus Venture Partners

    Nexus Venture Partners ( is India’s leading venture capital fund, with offices in...
  • 27aed7c03d82a3f20b0c3b1897fa0a9b

    SAP Ventures

    SAP Ventures, with more than US$1.4 billion under management, is an investment firm that seeks to...
  • 9b99e28aecaccb82ab76d08bca938bd4


    Commonfund Capital Inc. is the investment arm of Commonfund specializing in both direct, fund of...
  • D7bc2ba61c24bc2320c3dd3d1b523cbb

    Nokia Growth Partners

    Nokia Growth Partners enables mobile-driven innovators to build companies by providing funds,...

Offices/Locations (3)

  • West Coast Office

    369 Pine Street,

    Suite 410

    San Francisco, CA 94104


  • Latin America Office

    Av. Nova Independencia 1061 – Brooklin

    São Paulo,


  • European Office

    4th Floor, Northumberland House

    303-306 High Holborn

    London, WC1V 7JZ


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