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Founded in 2009, justAd develops the leading self-service advertising platform that enables advertisers to create highly engaging rich media ads for mobile and tablet devices without the need for custom coding. Using over 50 different mobile ad widgets, actions and triggers we are able to expose all of the smartphone’s capabilities – such as location, camera, accelerometer (motion), multi-touch screens, gesture controls, click-to and others – via a drag & drop interface.

justAd Studio, the company’s ad production platform for the creation of IAB standard and bespoke ad units, is being used by hundreds of advertising professionals around the world – from DSPs, mobile ad networks and full service agencies to SSPs, mobile publishers and web publishers.

Once created, ads are pre-certified with the majority of programmatic and mediated platforms in the world, allowing for a true self-service experience. Create once, traffic everywhere.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, with a sales office in NYC, justAd serves clients in over 30 countries, generating hundreds of millions of ad impressions a month.

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  • justAd NYC

    19 West 21 Street

    New York, NY 10010


  • justAd HQ

    3 Ahuzat Bayit St.

    3rd Floor

    Tel Aviv, 65143


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