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May, 2009
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Nonprofit Recent Graduate Job Site



jobSphere is a nonprofit community project helping new graduates launch careers.

New graduates nationwide have new degrees and no jobs. With no work experience, graduates are finding the job search overwhelming. With thousands of listings, online job directories only add inefficiency and time to the job search. jobSphere's goal is to give graduates more time to network and apply by reducing time spent searching for answers and jobs.

Created for new graduates, jobSphere reviews each job post for relevancy and is dedicated to answering every posted question. Built on user generated content, jobSphere relies on volunteers to post jobs using a bookmarklet and encourages volunteers to check for new jobs once a month from a selected list of sites.

jobSphere's basic principle is that if one user finds and posts a job in ten minutes that one user can save a hundred users 1000 minutes of searching. Whether... See More

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