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JobScout is a resource platform enabling job seekers to manage their job search and application process.
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December, 2011
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JobScout is designed to be a valuable resource for all users, from the first time Internet user to the Internet savvy, allowing them to independently manage the job search and application process.

With our current economy, it is can be tough to find a job. While people used to be able to check the classifieds or pick up an application at a local employer, these days most of the job search and application process has moved online. For many people, this is a problem because they do not know how to use the Internet. While this may seem unbelievable, that number is 60 million people in the United States alone.

JobScout is pretty simple: Users take lessons, earn badges for those lessons and learn how to use simple tools to find work online. If you just want to learn or brush up on your Internet skills or need a hand finding a job, JobScout has over 30 thirty lessons and a collection of tools that will get you on your way. Nine new lessons, covering everything from using TaskRabbit to online employment tests, will be launched on January 29 along with the iOS launch.

JobScout is not just for those new to the Web. There are tools on JobScout aside from the lessons that are just great additions to the job search process online. Our "One Stop Job Shop" lets you search for jobs, save listings, send in resumes with pre-formatted cover letters and track your progress with a job posting by noting your interview dates and times. You can also use JobScout’s fill-in-the-bank resume system, ResumeBuilder, to create your resume. By allowing JobScout users to access all of these features within the mobile app environment, the job application process can really be in the palm of a user’s hand.

JobScout helps to level the playing field for people by taking the guesswork out of finding employment. It is a low-cost, self-guided education solution that is perfect for users who want to make the job search process more effective and useful for institutions who want to provide job search and education resources.

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