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Jobnob is an online job platform offering alternative compensation work for job seekers.
Julie Greenberg, Alan Shusterman
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Jobnob is an online jobboard for alternative compensation jobs.

Jobnob fills the space where full time paid jobs don’t work or aren’t available. Community members are willing to volunteer or work for alternative compensation in exchange for getting great experience, learning new skills, and expanding their networks.

Companies and startups may not always be able to offer traditional full time paid work, but they can offer exciting opportunities on the forefront of technology and new products. By bringing together these groups of people, Jobnob offers an alternative to unemployment for jobseekers and helps startups and companies keep moving forward, even if cash is tight. Who is in the Jobnob community? • Professionals: Stanford engineers to Harvard MBAs to Ivy League grads • Companies: bootstrapped startups to profitable companies backed by the top VC funds What is alternative compensation? • Anything from volunteering to equity to reduced rates. Just be sure to comply with your local, state and federal laws.

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    Jobnob Salary Finder

    Ever wonder what the person sitting next to you is earning? Or what someone doing the same job at...
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    Jobnob Happy Hour

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