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JobKaster helps recruiters find talented people and talented people find jobs.

JobKaster is the latest web and mobile application for real-time location-based job searching and recruiting. JobKaster makes looking for a job or future employee fun, informative, quick, and easy.

As a recruiter you can: * Post your job opportunities for free (perfect for small businesses that do not have the hundreds of dollars required by other sites for job postings) * Easily search for job seekers all over the world using an intuitive and easy-to-use map interface * Contact potential candidates easily and quickly by email, phone, or text message * Receive instant notifications of nearby job hunters that match the positions your are looking to fill * Use the app on your desktop, tablet, or iPhone (native smartphone apps coming soon)

As a job seeker you can: * Search for jobs for free * Use your current location to see nearby jobs * Search for jobs by scrolling and zooming around an intuitive and easy-to-use map interface (no ugly long lists of bland search results) * Effortlessly display nearby parking, public transit, schools, and restaurants near potential job sites * Easily get area demographics to help you evaluate livability and lifestyle when choosing a job * Broadcast your current location and professional skills and resume in real-time to recruiters; become your walking resume! * Use the app on your desktop, tablet, or iPhone (native smartphone apps coming soon)

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