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None found in CrunchBase is a free online CV Builder that is focused on enabling you to create your finest CV and get more job interviews.

Build a profile. Select the relevant parts for a specific vacancy. Download your Curriculum Vitae in PDF or MS Word format. Maintain and manage multiple CVs. JobCred helps you to attract recruiters with a proven CV template and professional layout. Tailor your Curriculum Vitae with ease to get the job you want. Be prepared for that big job opportunity with an always updated CV.

JobCred wants the labour and recruitment market to work better: Employers find the finest candidates in less time; Professionals prepare better and spend less time to grab new career opportunities.

JobCred’s prime users are professionals who take their career development seriously and who value their time, credibility and privacy.

JobCred is privately owned and till now privately funded. Investors are welcome to get in contact.

The JobCred CV building service was launched in July 2011.

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