Acquired by SuccessFactors on March 14, 2011
March 1, 2010
Jambok is a SaaS-based firm that provides solutions for user-generated, peer-to-peer learning within organizations.
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Jambok is a SaaS firm that provides solutions for user-generated, peer-to-peer learning within organizations by creating the ability for people to author, share, collaborate, and find rich media.

Designed to be extremely easy to use, Jambok allows multiple methods for posting content to communities. A user can select any file type and post it, or click their mouse to start their webcam to create original content, or video capture any application on the desktop with simultaneous narration. All of this can be accomplished across any platform with no downloads, no installation, and no seat licenses.

For knowledge exchange platforms to work, objects must also be easy to find. Jambok not only provides tagging and search, but video files are converted to text in the background to allow additional search and retrieval. Users set security for each object they post, and every item subsequently created around that content, such as comments, tagging, or rating is branded with the same security authorization. For corporate users concerned about security, Jambok meets enterprise-level demands.

With full social web features, such as rating, tagging, comments, blogs, wikis, and forums, Jambok provides a comprehensive solution for companies to allow everyone to contribute and share knowledge.

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