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IT Central Station is a B2B social networking site that is transforming the way enterprises purchase software, hardware and services. Technology professionals are still making purchasing decisions based primarily upon information with a vendor bias from analysts, consultants and media sites. What is sorely missing is the ability to connect with other real users to get the “real deal” before making a purchasing decision.

IT Central Station is a disruptive community site that finally enables technology professionals (in Global 2000 and mid-market enterprises) to research and share information, including product reviews, ratings and recommendations. They are "The Yelp of enterprise technology products."

The power of user-generated content will displace analyst firms as the primary influence of where the dollars are spent in this $3 trillion annual business. There are startups that are doing something similar for the SMB market but the enterprise market has unique requirements such as trusted anonymity, user validation, private messaging, and content sharing that IT Central Station has addressed.

IT Central Station was launched in September 2012.

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    55 Nahal Sorek Street

    Modiin, 71707


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    244 5th Avenue

    Suite R-230

    New York, NY 10001


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