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iSpaces, operating as a conscious company, provides a cloud computer that facilitates the global shift from edge to cloud computing. The iSpaces Internet-based OS offers core applications so you can work, browse, talk and play like you normally do, from any computer, allowing people device freedom and no downloads required. iSpaces saves the state of your user interface and then redelivers it to you on any computer, within milliseconds, just as you left it on the last device. iSpaces OS is a platform on top of which developers can build cross-platform, lightning-fast apps for the iSpaces community.

iSpaces' current core apps include: RocketSpace to browse the web and save your browsing activity to the cloud, FileSpace to access your third party online storage solutions and local drive in one location, OfficeSpace to create and edit office documents from anywhere, SpacePhone to make crystal clear calls or chat with your contacts from within your browser and ContactSpace to manage all of your contacts from the cloud. Social logins are available for access and registration and contact imports are available from Facebook and Google.

It runs on any standards compliant browser like Firefox, I.E., Safari, Chrome and Opera and is cross platform and available in Windows, Mac and Linux. Written entirely in Object Oriented Javascript.

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