Funding Received
$4.9 Million in 4 Rounds from 2 Investors
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$1.9 Million Private Equity on August 7, 2013
Nashville, TN
InVivoLink is a clinically-integrated, value-generating operating system for orthopedic and spine procedures.
Ryan Wells

Detailed Description


What We Are Doing We are on a mission to improve how the system works for the patient. We bring forward new technologies and better communications platforms that stimulate change. We believe that everyone in the medical device ecosystem has the potential to win as we align data and communication effectively. We create tools that describe how implant products are used and can be forecasted. By tracking usage and outcomes, we begin to understand which products are effective.


You hear it all the time: The current state is not sustainable. Costs are skyrocketing out of control. Constituents in the implant supply chain are not aligned and do not share data or incentives. The limited data that is available is confusing. No one can tell how products compare on effectiveness over the long term. These are the industry problems InVivoLink works to resolve. How are we different? We focus on alignment and collaboration.

What We Believe The patient comes first. Period. Patient care is affected by the strength of the support ecosystem around the patient. This includes the physician, the hospital, the distributor sales rep and operations staff, the manufacturer, and the payor. There is a direct relationship between patient safety and how well a physician and a provider of implantable devices communicate with each other. That’s why InVivoLink is all about alignment and communication. With InVivoLink, everyone is looking at the same data. Integrated communication tools make execution easy. We help make sure the right product is there for the right patient – every time. Healthcare costs are out of control. But the drivers of change are now available. Alignment is the key to success. When incentives are aligned everyone wins. Communication among all members of the supply chain is critical. That’s why we build collaborative systems into everything we do. The Web is a platform for change. Web-based software and the tools it has spawned have incredible power for enabling change in healthcare. The cloud, SaaS, iPhones / Androids, social tools, mashups… these are products that make our solutions scalable, available, and easy to adopt. For an implant registry to be self-sustainable, it must be supported by a viable business model. Adoption is a result of designing software that’s easy to access, easy to use, graphically pleasing, and intuitive. Customer service should be easy to access, friendly, multi-modal, collaborative, and must never blame the customer. To understand financial and clinical outcomes, everyone must look at the same set of data. We provide this data – and a lot of additional value along the way. The patient comes first. Period.

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