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Inventic develops and distributes an ORM designer application.

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The company was established in 2006 and in its early years focused on website development, custom-tailored desktop applications and Internet marketing. In 2009 development of the ORM Designer application was initiated. Originally its primary purpose was to simplify the work flow of Inventic's employees. After proving its abilities by increasing employees' work efficiency by up to 70%, more robust version was created and was brought to the market on commercial basis.

As of 2013, all the remaining business activities of the company were marginalized and all its resources and efforts are currently being exclusively focused on development and distribution of the new version of the ORM Designer application called ORM Designer2, which was introduced in January 2013.

ORM Designer is a tool that allows to export definition files right from a visual model by one single click. The definitions are complete and there is no need to add or edit anything. By this, ORM Designer saves up to 70 % of time while working with ORM.

ORM designer can import and export models into several formats. It's possible to use XML or YML definition files or import and export models directly to code by using annotations. Thanks to ORM Designer there's no space for typos and duplicated, missing or redundant fragments in the definition files.

Currently ORM Designer supports Doctrine, Doctrine2, CakePHP and Propel ORM frameworks. Till the end of 2013 the JPA - Hibernate and Ruby on Rails support will be added.

ORM Designer has a native support for all major operating systems.

Main benefits - Huge time savings (up to 70%) and significant efficiency growth - ORM definitions export from visual model - Import of existing projects and visualisation of their project schema - Errors and typos elimination - Replacement of documentation - Project designing in user friendly visual interface - Complete elimination of manual definition files editing

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