Funding Received
$62.5 Million in 3 Rounds from 6 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$40 Million Private Equity on May 22, 2013
Franklin, MA
Interactions Corporation develops virtual assistant applications to deliver automated natural language communications for customer care.
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Interactions Corporation is a privately held technology company that builds and delivers hosted Virtual Assistant applications that enable businesses to deliver automated natural language communications for customer care.

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Investors (6)

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    North Hill Ventures

    North Hill Ventures specializes in early-stage financial technology and marketing technology...
  • B5bc1bace1e294dd980e9e184ec5d8f1

    Cross Atlantic Capital Partners

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  • 607757447357744195aad6dd37fc5c57

    Sigma Partners

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  • F8235df59135b929b47022a24408c879

    Prime Ventures

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    SoftBank Capital

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  • E6acc1a097b4b70b73e98f01bc93c2bd

    Updata Partners

    Updata Partners provides growth equity and growth experience to the next generation of technology...

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  • Office

    31 Hayward Street

    Suite E

    Franklin, MA 02038


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