Inq Mobile manufactures social software and applications such as Material, a discovery app, SO.HO, a social launcher for Android.
Frank Meehan, Ken Johnstone
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Our mission is to help you get to the stuff you care about quickly. By creating beautifully designed, seamlessly integrated products, we cut through the clutter and noise to make your digital life faster, easier and more interesting.

Back in 2007, in a world when social and mobile weren’t completely intertwined, we had an idea. Why not put social at the heart of the mobile experience? We wanted to create innovative products that bring you closer to the things and the people you love.

So Inq was founded. We started with handsets that won awards for innovation. Then, we looked at software, apps and launchers for Android and iOS, all that pushed the boundaries of what we expect our phones to be able to do. We took social and made it more practical, made it easier, made it more fun.

This is what drives us everyday; the challenge of making things that make life better for our customers in ways they didn’t even know were possible. To amplify your experience of life through mobile.

Material was a result of this thinking, an app to help you find new stuff to make your day more interesting. So was SO.HO, our launcher for Android that gets you to the things you love faster by putting your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds all in one place.

Inq: changing the way you use social on your mobile.

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    SO.HO allows the user to have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds on their homescreen.
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    Material is an app that analyses your social media activity and uses it to hunt down and serve up...

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