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iNovmapping is an ICT company that develops Web based products and services combining traditional Geographic Information Systems(GIS) with the most popular geo web tools in the world: Google Earth and Google Maps.

Google Earth / Google Maps are the "de facto" geo tools for the masses and their popularity is a consequence of them being free and having a very user-friendly interface. One more reason for their success and not the least is having a huge community that feeds them a variety of geographical contents among with are the very popular 3D buildings.

iNovmapping combines these Google Geo platforms with products and services of its own providing innovative and intuitive browsing experiences continuously enriched by updated geographical content.

iNovmapping, is a spinoff of the scientific project "iNovmap Labs" born at the University of Coimbra. The excellence and value of this project was recognized by Google in its myMaps contest in 2009.

Currently we are incubated in the "Instituto Pedro Nunes" (IPN) - Association for Innovation and Development in Science and Technology at the University of Coimbra, voted the best technology-based incubator of the world in 2010.

The recognition of our skills led Google to invite us to join the very restrict group of companies that test their geo tools and platforms to give them feedback that will be included in their final versions.


GeoCMS iNovmap - www.inovmap.com

With GeoCMS iNovmap you can easily create maps with interactive content. Developed for companies, organizations and public entities. This platform is a bridge between communication tools and geographic information systems (GIS).

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  • Headquarters

    IPN INCUBADORA, Rua Pedro Nunes

    Sala 1.13

    Coimbrã, 3030-199


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