Funding Received
$100 Thousand in 2 Rounds from 1 Investor
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$100 Thousand Venture on November 13, 2013
August, 2013
Innovis Labs develops integrated software and hardware applications for mobile devices.
Joe Saumweber, Josh Moody

Detailed Description


Innovis Labs is a developer of integrated software and hardware applications for use with mobile devices. As trends in online and console gaming expand to create a more realistic environment and smartphones become more interactive with the world around us, Innovis Labs will link these cutting edge tech trends by creating a mobile app that takes interactive gaming to a whole new level. The problem with paintball and airsoft is that, although the guns may look similar to the ones used in combat video games, the matches themselves are very disconnected and not nearly as technologically integrated as the video game the players attempt to imitate. The solution is to create an app for iOS devices that makes paintball and airsoft games even more similar to the popular console combat video games by incorporating many of the game’s key elements into real-world matches. Key features in the app are a radar screen, the capability to communicate with team members, and the ability to unlock in-game perks such as becoming undetectable on the enemy’s radar or having the ability to listen in on the opposing team’s communications. Our team will also design a piece of hardware that will attach the user’s device to their weapon. There is not an app on the market with these innovative features nor is there a piece of hardware with a sleek, durable design that integrates smartphone and gun. Innovis Labs will combine the look, feel, features, and social interaction of popular combat video games with the real life tactical play of paintball and airsoft.

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