Acquired by DuPont on July 25, 2011
Funding Received
$41.3 Million in 4 Rounds from 11 Investors
Sunnyvale, CA
Innovalight develops silicon ink-based high efficiency and low-cost solar modules.
Paul Thurk
Manufacturing, Energy Efficiency, Clean Technology

Company Details


Innovalight is focused on bringing high efficiency, low-cost solar modules to the marketplace. Enabling this manufacturing paradigm shift is the company's silicon ink, which has been in development since 2002. Historically, silicon has been processed either as a solid or as a gas. Using liquid based processing Innovalight will dramatically improve the cost and efficiency of today's solar modules.

Past Team (3)

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    Tu Du

    Vice President, Manufacturing and Operations
    2008 - Jan, 2011
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    Daniel Leff

    Investor and Board Member
    2006 - Jan, 2007
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    Paul Thurk

    Co-Founder and CEO

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Investors (11)

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  • Office

    965 East Arques Avenue

    Sunnyvale, CA 94085


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