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Christine Spang, Michael Grinich

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Inbox is a modern API that works with existing email providers. It makes it easy to integrate with your users’ email data, and eliminates the complexity of old protocols like IMAP and MIME.

The Inbox API is designed around the REST ideology, providing simple and predictable URIs to access and modify objects. Requests support standard HTTP methods like GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE. Response bodies are always UTF-8 encoded JSON objects, unless explicitly documented otherwise.

Threads are a first-class object in Inbox, allowing you to build beautiful mail applications that behave the way users have come to expect. Actions like archiving or deleting are performed on threads, not individual messages.

Tags are used to group threads, and a thread can have zero or more tags. Tags are also used to represent state, such as sending. Note: tags are not equivalent to IMAP folders or Gmail labels, although these properties may be accessed via tags.

Inbox uses OAuth2 for authentication with a specific user’s account. Subsequent API requests are made with an access_token for that user, secured by HTTP basic auth over SSL (TLS). The user auth flow is documented below.

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