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Impossible Software is a video personalization platform offering video editing, customization and streaming technologies for advertisers.

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Impossible Software provides video composition and compression technology in real time at web scale with appropriate economics for brand marketers and advertisers.

Advertisers deploy Impossible Advertising, the ability to customize pre-roll and in-banner video ads on demand. This enables remarketing/retargeting of video ads, dynamic optimization of video ad content, and customization of video content to viewer (mobile) context.

Publishers deploy Impossible Advertising in conjunction with their ad servers to do remarketing/retargeting as well as format conversion to bring standard VAST ads to iOS devices. Publishers also use Impossible Software to embed ads and brand placements directly into their content videos.

Brand marketers deploy Impossible Software to enable user-generated video content. Resultant videos can include text, pictures, and even video-in-video, all within the context of the brand's template and, therefore, the brand's message. Content producers also tap this capability to create unique (and sellable) video pieces for customers.

Some brand marketers have also tapped Impossible Software's capability to do interactive video streaming. In such applications, the end-user can control elements of the video content as the stream continues uninterrupted. This is a powerful way to demonstrate a configurable item such as an automobile.

The technology supports a number of video special effects, alpha compositing, and MPEG4 compression (Flash wrapper, MP4 file, M3U progressive download), as well as sound mixing, in real time with low latency. The "impossible" thing is that Impossible Software can deliver all of this at web scale economically.

Impossible Software delivers based on a SaaS model out of the cloud. Large-scale, long-term, or reseller customers may also opt for managed, private instances.

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    Cinco Capital

    Cinco Capital is an independent investment company which is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

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