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Alex Espinoza

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Structum, Inc. is a Software company that specializes in Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems. Structum is also the creator of iKnode.

iKnode (pronounced I Know'd) is a simple yet powerful Backend as a Service (BaaS) which makes it extremely easy to create functionality in the cloud for Mobile, Web and Desktop applications.

iKnode is a Backend Platform focused on creating behavior in the cloud using the beautiful C# language. iKnode can provides a no hassle hosting platform for APIs, whit a one-click deployment process. Write your application, test and publish it from inside your browser.

Additionally, iKnode provides an intuitive Data Storage which is based on a Document database. Perform complex queries using iKnode's Query tool. Modify documents on the fly using our Document Browser tool.

No backend would be complete without a way for automating API execution. iKnode provides a simple but powerful scheduler based on cron that allows for iKnode applications to run at specified times.

iKnode provides a Package System that delivers prebuilt lfunctionality for your applications. Integrate with Twitter, Facebook and Wordpress by just the click of a button.

iKnode applications can be called through a REST-like API. The iKnodeSDK contains bindings for : Javascript iOS (Objective-C) Android (Java) C# Java iKnode has a rich documentation which can be found here: http://iknode.com/docs/

iKnode is made by Structum, Inc. an Southern California Company.

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  • Headquarters

    1300 S. Bristol St Suite 223

    Santa Ana, CA 92704


  • Headquarters

    1300 S. Bristol St

    Suite 223

    Santa Ana, CA 92704


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