Acquired by SafetyWeb on January, 2010
Fairfax, CA
Mobile Security Platform
Gary Moskoff, Mat Mullen, Dave Schuman

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iHound Software has been acquired by SafetyWeb, SafetyWeb, Inc. is the leader in cloud-based personal security products, focusing on protecting the individual, not simply ones devices. SafetyWeb uncovers online activity in real-time, analyzes online behavior, and identifies threats that could compromise one's privacy, identity, reputation or safety. SafetyWeb alerts parents via SMS or email if a child mentions drugs, profanity, cyber-bullying, depression, or custom categories set by parents. SafetyWeb is integrated into hundreds of social web sites and can even analyze mobile calling and SMS information. SafetyWeb helps parents teach children about responsible use of technology without infringing on their privacy.

iHound Software, the quintessential mobile protection and connection platform specializes in recovering lost or stolen iPhones, iPods, Android Phones. iHound Software has built a custom geolocation platform integrating proprietary geofencing technology that enables anyone to stay connected with their family and automatically post their location on Facebook, Twitter and/or check-in at Foursquare. As iHound reports your iPhone's location every ten minutes to its servers then sleeps, it now communicates with your larger social networks while running in the background on your multi-tasking iPhone and/or iPod Touch.

We Specialize In:

Mobile Protection, Secure Sharing

Security: Find and recover lost or stolen devices, remotely wipe sensitive data.

Opt In Sharing: Share your location with the people you trust, at no additional cost.

Geofencing: Receive alerts and check in automatically with Facebook, Foursquare, and/or Twitter when you arrive, simple to use and completely opt in.

Multiple Devices, Multiple Platforms: Manage multiple iPhone OS and Android* devices from one account.

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