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iDlogik is a free online platform that, through an innovative range of web-based career tools, allows jobseekers of all levels and careers to harness the true power of the internet to achieve their career goals.

The iDlogik team continues to work in close co-oporation with schools, universities, career and recruiting professionals, and employers both large and small, to ensure that our products remain at the forefront of personal career management.

iDlogik's interactive online resume (eResume) combines the look and feel of a traditional resume with powerful functionality, that delivers a powerful presence within today's predominantly web-based job market.

Owning an eResume empowers you to take a more active role in promoting yourself than has ever before been possible, utilizing unique functionality to promote, connect and engage with employers who are hiring.

You remain in control of your personal information through powerful privacy protection and job application tracking tools within your account that make simply handing over your resume and hoping for the best a thing of the past.

With employers increasing turning to iDlogik as a convenient way of locating Candidates online, were confident that building an eResume at iDlogik will be your brightest career move yet!

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