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$12 Thousand in 1 Round from 1 Investor
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$12 Thousand on September 17, 2013 / Undisclosed Round
Seattle, WA
Universal USB Energy Harvesting
Dane Roth, Burt Hamner
Outdoors, Clean Energy, Hardware + Software

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Hydrobee is a USB turbine battery, recharged by natural energy, that will increase the personal energy security of 2 billion people. It can be recharged by multiple free energy sources including water, wind, fire and motion. This gives it the biggest possible market so it can be produced in high volume and thus become affordable to the 2 billion people living in serious poverty.

The Hydrobee company was founded by partners who previously worked in a micro-hydropower turbine company. They have developed a personal power generation "platform" that allows open-source development of energy sources and encourages innovation.

There are now 1B+ people living in energy poverty spending $20B a year to charge their cell phones, buying the USB charges for pennies at a time from local vendors. There are now 500M+ people paying $30B a year for kerosene lamp fuel that can be replaced by USB LED lamps. Off-grid USB power in the developing world is now worth $50B+ a year and growing fast.

Hydrobee is meeting this demand by entering first the North America and European camping markets to establish a hardcore user base who can help develop the product line. Then the product will be introduced in Mexico where 5M people live without grid power in 70,000 villages. From there Hydrobee will expand south into Central and South America, a market of 50M+, while laying the groundwork for Asia and Africa.

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    Fledge5 (Autumn 2014) is a business incubator and program that assists entrepreneurs with startup...

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