Funding Received
$500 Thousand in 1 Round from 1 Investor
Most Recent Funding
$500 Thousand Seed on June 25, 2011
Lake Oswego, OR
Hyaqu is an e-commerce utility platform that facilitates online shopping with web-based software.

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Change the way people shop online. We at hyaqu want to revolutionize ecommerce.

HYAQU is currently in stealth-mode development in Stanford, CA. A team of 3 developers are working on designing the software around the Pyramid (Pylons Project) Framework.

I came up with the idea for HYAQU in December 2010 and mentioned my idea to some friends, knowing I would never have a chance to create it. And one of them actually said "yes we should do that". Three months later I finally started believing that she was serious, so we talked about a number of options. One of my passions was Old Fashioned Drug Stores, and I had been managing one in Carmel, CA for about 6 years and worked their for about 10 years so I figured it was time I start my own. So we moved up to Portland to start Teddy's Drug Store, but quickly realized that Portland & Oregon aren't as local as they claim to be. We scrapped the drug store and agreed that the drug store probably would have cost us $1.5 million to create from scratch, but I could probably find some developers to make the ecommerce store I had been talking about in December. I said hell yeah.

I stalled for about a month trying to find a development team in Oregon to build my project, but I'm not a developer so it was really tough for me to try to interview people when I really didn't know what skillsets they needed to accomplish our goals. I called up a friend who works in CS at Stanford and told him about my project. He said he would look for some people there. A few days later he had a dream team. And now we're busy coding away.

Hyaqu plans to offer some of the ecommerce shopping services most shoppers are familliar with: Wish Lists & Product Reviews & Comparison Shopping Tools.

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Funding Rounds (1) - $500k


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    San Francisco, CA


  • Lake Oswego

    2801 Lakeview Blvd

    Lake Oswego, OR 97035


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