Hotel WiFi Test is a leading company for collecting, analyzing and distributing data about WiFi quality in hotels around the world.
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Hotel WiFi Test ensures that hotel guests will know about the status of WiFi prior to arriving at the hotel. Hotel WiFi Test gives users a way to keep hotels reliable and providing quality service from the moment guests make their reservation. Upon arriving at hotels, users can run WiFi speed tests and share results via a number of social media sites with one click. Additionally, Hotel WiFi Test provides a fast and simple method of alerting hotels what users think in a matter of seconds by making it easy to post findings on the hotel's social media sites, where they can be reviewed by both the public and other hotels. Using the aggregate data from speed tests, Hotel WiFi Test generates a cumulative results page that hotel management or potential guests can view via social media or the website. All data is verified using smart algorithms to ensure quality reporting and accuracy.

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