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September 6, 2008
Web Development, Leisure, Web Hosting
Description: is a hobby-specific social network connecting like-minded hobby enthusiasts.

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Launched in September 2008, is a "hobby specific" social networking website dedicated to connecting like minded hobby enthusiasts worldwide. The site contains over 600 hobbies and enables members to create a unique profile for each hobby of interest.

It provides both new and existing hobbyists with a unique resource of member generated content dedicated to accelerated learning and the further enjoyment of their respective hobbies.

Members can discuss every element of their hobby within a multi media social networking environment. They discuss tips, advice, drills, equipment, safety precautions and other key topics of interest. They are given the freedom to express their passion via photos, video, comments and other specific content within their respective profiles.
The concept was created out of a realisation that existing social networking sites failed to exploit the full networking potential of digital social interaction. The networking potential of general social networking websites tends to be limited to circles of friends. However, links people with a common interest and thus encourages the interaction of non related individuals which greatly enhances the social networking effect.

The target market is diverse and transcends every culture, country, gender and age demographic. This is possible by virtue of the fact a hobbyist in Beijing will require and express the same hobby specific information as a like minded hobbyist in New York.

This website constitutes the epicentre of value added hobby networking and revolutionises the way hobbyists interact with each other.

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