Headspace meditation limited is a mobile app developer company which develops applications like Headspace for iPhone and Androids.
Health and Wellness

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Headspace is an award-winning digital health platform, providing guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. With hundreds of hours of content, it is acknowledged as one of the most comprehensive secular programmes for meditation and mindfulness.

The content can be accessed online, or via the Headspace mobile app, used by more than 1 million people, in 150 countries.

The Headspace vision is “to improve the health and happiness of the world” and as part of that commitment, they have partnered with charities, foundations and NGO’s around the world. These partnerships are increasingly focused on their Get Some/Give Some initiative, where for every Headspace subscription purchased, one subscription is donated to someone in need, who may not be able to afford or have access to it otherwise. This is done via charitable partners. The charitable partners are sometimes the recipients themselves, but more often they provide the means for identifying those in need and the mechanism for distributing the subscriptions.

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  • London

    Central Working 6-8 Bonhill Street

    London, EC2A 4BX