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Christopher Hardwick, Corey Towe

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Hands On Test provides a product that allows companies to maximize their time spent finding exceptional talent.

Hands On Test simplifies a company's IT talent acquisition process by allowing hiring managers to see a candidate's on the job work product at the frontend of the hiring process resulting in reduced cost per hire and reduced "bad hires". Hands On Test is a hosted software solution that gives a potential hire the chance to do a sample project so companies can make more precise and accurate decisions on the next hiring step. It exists to help streamline the talent acquisition process for companies by getting actual simulated work products in the hands of internal experts who can evaluate candidate quality. Your experts can identify expertise within minutes of seeing work samples and decide the best next step. By allowing your experts to see a work product early in the talent acquisition process, companies can eliminate process steps that lead to increased waste which will reduce costs and increase effectiveness of their internal processes. You no longer need a phone screen or other assessments that don't really tell you much about a candidate's probability of success if hired. You can evaluate their actual work product first before choosing to bring them onsite and invest.

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