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Haatch is a UK Digital Investment & Business Incubator

A traditional investment journey goes a little something like this: you pitch your idea, someone likes it, you get a cash injection, and away you go… But what next? Growing your start-up can be a daunting task, and without the right support sadly 90% of promising start-ups never quite get…well… started!

At Haatch we want to change all that by bringing something truly unique to the UK business investment landscape; something that goes much further than capital alone. With an investment focus on graduates and start ups in the digital realm, Haatch will provide much more than a desk space and a lump sum.

We will work alongside start-ups in their early stages, wrapping you in all the services and support you need to grow your seed into a flourishing new business. And all this within The Hub – our purpose built, state of the art business incubation centre coming soon to Stamford.

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  • Haatch HQ

    14 Barn Hill

    Stamford, PE9 2AE

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