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Guild Software, Inc is an award-winning independent game developer, pursuing the cutting edge in large-scale multiplayer environments.

Beginning in 1998, the company developed a completely proprietary MMO engine from scratch, culminating in the 2004 major retail launch of their first title, Vendetta Onlineâ„¢. This game broke ground in many ways, being the first retail MMO to ship with multi-platform support in stores (Mac, Windows, and Linux on the original CD), as well as one of the few to ever support a truly skill-based "twitch" combat model. In 2008 the "Player Contribution Corps" was added, allowing existing subscribers to directly create content for the game, via a moderated, community-based submission system. In June of 2010, development of the Android build was announced, and formally released onto the Android market in March of 2011.

The company continues to expand on its proprietary IP, both in terms of game titles like Vendetta Online, as well as the custom NAOS Engine middleware product with which they are built.

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