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Aaron Forgue, Ryan Craft
Social Media, Twitter Applications, Curated Web

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GroupTweet enables users to create Group Twitter accounts that can be updated by multiple users. Groups can be made both private or public.

Our users are using the service in a variety of innovative ways ranging from private group communication (think families, classrooms, coworkers) to public crowdsourced Twitter accounts. Our most active users are in Venezuela and Indonesia where GroupTweets are being relied upon for crowdsourced traffic and other civic alert systems as well as general community development around certain verticals.

To set up a GroupTweet account, users should create a Twitter account for their group and register their groups' Twitter account at To send a message to all the group members, simply instruct users to send a direct message to the GroupTweet enabled account and this message will be rebroadcast as a tweet from the group account for all the followers to see!

We are introducing innovative new features that will make it easier for people to communicate through their GroupTweet accounts, so if you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch!

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