April 12, 2010
Real Estate Group Buying
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Detailed Description


GroupBookings is an online platform where different real estate buyers with similar needs connect and get discount on market price of residential and commercial unit.

With high growth in Indian economy, demand for house has risen significantly, which is evident through number of projects launched in the past. This high demand of house resulted into steep price increase of real estate properties in the recent past, and buying a house is becoming unaffordable.

The real estate industry has been controlled by sellers due to their strong financial and political power. Since real estate buyers are scattered geographically and normally buys a property through different real estate consultants, the buyers are not able to bargain effectively.

Therefore, GroupBookings have come up with a common platform for real estate buyers. Here buyers can form a group for a particular property and get a decent discount on market price. GroupBookings do not charge any commission for the services to buyers, however it acts as a facilitator between the real estate developer/seller and buyers.

Our aim is to empower the buyers with a weapon of “collective bargaining capacity”. Lets connect and revolutionize the real estate industry.

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  • New Delhi

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