Most Recent Funding
$110.6 Thousand Venture on November 30, 2010
March 1, 2006
Gainesville, FL
Grooveshark is a free web-based music application that enables internet users listen to music on-demand.
Andres Barreto, Josh Greenberg, Sam Tarantino
Monetization, File Sharing, Music

Detailed Description


Grooveshark is a web-based music application built for anyone on the internet to listen to music on-demand at no charge.

Users have the ability to listen to single songs from over 15 million songs, save playlists, and embed both on other websites, blogs, and social media profiles via the Grooveshark Widget. Grooveshark offers users the option to access their Grooveshark accounts remotely with mobile applications for Android, jailbroken iOS, BlackBerry, and HP Palm WebOS devices.

Grooveshark also allows artists and record labels to promote themselves through the application with rich site takeovers, advertising based on a slew of targeting and demographic data, and getting their music straight to the ears of the music fans most likely to love it. All data and analytics relating to an artist (or group of artists) are freely available to promoters and bands, such as the number of times their content has been listened to, along with demographic and geographic information about the listeners.

Current Team (5)


Past Team (3)

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    Andres Barreto

    Founder / COO
    Apr, 2006 - Oct, 2007
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    Lina Chen

    Business Development Consultant
    Jul, 2009 - Jan, 2010
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    Mike Garrett

    Advertising Operations & Nonprofit Development
    Jul, 2010 - Dec, 2011

Funding Rounds (3) - $110.6k


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  • Headquarters

    201 SE 2nd Ave Ste. 209

    Gainesville, FL 32601


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