Gripe is a location-aware mobile app that enables people to spread word of mouth about businesses and service providers.
Arash Danesh, Navid Aslani, Matt Mastracci, Farhad Mohit
Real Time, CRM, Social Media, Local, Location Based Services, Mobile

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Gripe ( is a free location-aware mobile app that lets people use their word-of-mouth power to publicly share complaints (or cheers) about millions of local or national businesses or service providers worldwide (restaurants, hotels, bars, plumbers, attorneys, etc.), so that they are heard and resolved, likely, on the spot.

Every incident report (gripe or cheer) is sent by Gripe to the business for response, while quickly spreading through friends, followers and beyond.

By resolving gripes businesses turn net detractors who would be sharing complaints with their friends, followers and beyond, into net promoters spreading cheers (positive word-of-mouth) about the business to everyone they know.

As such Gripe can be seen as a must have app for consumers and a highly efficient customer acquisition strategy for merchants.

Gripe is free and available for download on iOS and Android, or on the web at:

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