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Mathieu Bidart, Thierry Sebba, Eric Gagnaire
Local, Curated Web

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Gootip is a local questions/answers website. Users can ask every kind of question linked to a town or a precise place. Where can I see a hip hop concert tonight in New York ? Is it fun right now at the Queen in Paris ? Who is the best doctor in Mission District in San Francisco ?

With a worldwide database users can ask questions on any city on Earth. Thanks to Google Places API combined with an algorithm we developed to improve the relevance of results, Gootip users can specify many exact locations, with all their coordinates, in asked questions or given answers. The experience of location on Gootip does not stop there. Indeed, the site’s content presented to users depends on their location in order to improve relevance. This is made possible thanks to users’ ip location, information given by registered members, Foursquare and Facebook Graph.

All registered users can respond to all questions. However, combining users’ location, information provided when they register, and their expertise level through “stickers” won by precise actions, questions asked will be answered primarily by people living / working in the city or the specific location concerned. We notified by email and through our mobile application, these skilled people in order they answer in priority. For « live » questions requiring fast answers (only opened for 1 hour), we combine data presented above to recent Facebook and Foursquare users’ checkins. So we can notify our experts that questions are asked around their current location. Of course, users who ask questions are also notified by email and mobile “Push” notification when an answer is given to one of their questions.

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