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GoodMouth improves health, prevents disease, and helps those in need by providing a unique toothbrush delivery subscription service that serves consumers, dental health professionals, and corporate benefits programs.

GoodMouth’s message is simple. Old toothbrushes are dirty and can cause easily preventable oral diseases which studies have found correlate to other serious health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes. And it’s not just a healthcare problem. Over 164 million hours of work and 50 million hours of school are lost every year due to oral health issues.

GoodMouth provides consumers with the right brush at the right time, directly to their door.

For dental health professionals, GoodMouth helps differentiate their practices and build stronger bonds with patients through the regular home delivery of toothbrushes, oral hygiene kits and branded personalized oral health information.

GoodMouth also aims to improve America’s dental health through its Giving Goodness program. For every subscription purchased the Giving Goodness program donates two brushes, or the equivalent in dental care, to someone in need through dedicated healthcare nonprofits.

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