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March 16, 2009
1 - 10 | 2 in CrunchBase is a combination of C Network, Review, Info B & Debate. CNetwork is completely new concept for our users/consumers. CNetwork stands for 'Consumer's Network'. CNetwork is specially build to deal with only old/secondhand products for the consumers of and it is legally binding. Here users can buy or sell any second hand product without any charge.
You can share your experience in Review section by writing quality reviews on any product or service. You can also read consumers review and rate them. Info B stands for 'Information Bank'. Here you can read information about anything like - 'How safe cellphones are?', 'Ending your date gracefully' etc... You can also share your knowledge by writing information on anything you like. Last not the least is Debate where you can share your views & opinions with the world.

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  • CSR Complex

    Near Atharva College

    Mumbai, 400093