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Helen Lee, Xiaojin Liu, Iris Huang
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Glogou Inc is a leader in Cloud based marketing solutions. It provides technology solutions and services in helping a business to explore international markets and do EFFECTIVE international marketing and advertisement. One of its focus areas is to help world-wide business to do market research and advertising in China and in Asia with optimized results.

Glogou Sales Signal Processing, (SSP, http://ssp.glogou.com) applies their signal processing technique to improve the success chance of international sales, to help a business to discover profitable international markets which were often neglected using alternative solutions. Glogou SSP answers the following important questions: What is the chance for success of my product in a foreign country? What is the potential market size? Who are the major local competitors? What will be the demand of the product in the future? Compared to traditional sales research methods, Glogou SSP can answer those critical questions in a fraction of the time, for one-tenth of the cost, and with greater accuracy.

The company also develops the world 1st English Interface for Baidu Advertisement platforms (Endu, http://www.glogou.com/adbaidu), Web Accessibility & Visibility Evaluator (WAVE, http://www.glogou.cn).

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