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Arnaud Fischer
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Glam est une plateforme de vertical social media offrant aux individus et organisations du conseil en personnalités et célébrités, des showrooms de talents, des outils de productivités et de branding personnel, des espaces de communication et des ecommerce storefronts.

Privately-held Glam One, with offices in Paris, France, is the legal owner of the “glam” brand in France.

Glam One est l’unique propriétaire de la marque française « Glam » enregistrée à l’INPI le 27 octobre 2003 sous le No. 3253547 pour les produits et services des classes 35, 38 et 41.

Glam One is the holder of several French trademarks protecting the word “Glam” for products and services of classes 35, 38 and 41, including the French trademark “Glam” No. 3253547 registered with the French Intellectual Property office (INPI) on October 27th, 2003. Therefore any unauthorized commercial use of the word “Glam” for goods or services similar to those of classes 35, 38 or 41 constitutes trademark infringement and could lead to criminal prosecution.

Our vision is to evolve Web engagement into individual talents and media showrooms, personal productivity, communication and branding management platforms, and transactional ecommerce storefronts. The Glam platform is already available as a white lable enterprise solution to deploy your own talent and advertising network.

Our goal is to extend the technology to more verticals and localize the platform. The Glam architecture is built on innovative, original and integrated best of brid open source standards. Better, different, disruptive, socially-integrated, real time and in-synch with the market.

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