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Gladinet delivers and integrates cloud services into the operating system and onto the desktop.

With Gladinet, you can use online storage services such as SkyDrive and Amazon S3 as local virtual drive. You can use online applications such as Google Docs to open local file. You can use local applications to open online file.

It enhances the usability of web storages and web applications by breaking out of the boundary of a traditional browser and onto the desktop. You can use online storage as local storage. You can use online applications as local applications.

It enables interoperability among different cloud service providers by moving out of the sandbox of a web browser. For example, you can right click on a word document sitting in the SkyDrive and open with Google Docs.

It also extends the idea of a cloud service to a group of personal computers - the personal cloud. You can use remote hard drives from your PCs as if they were all virtually connected in the same LAN.

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  • Gladinet

    6750 North Andrews Ave

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