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GIS Cloud is a web-based geographic information system that generates data as maps to help businesses analyze and optimize their operations.
Dino Ravnic
Maps, Cloud Computing, Geospatial, Enterprise Software

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GIS Cloud is the web based geographic information system (GIS) that can visualize any data as maps. It helps organizations and businesses improve decision making and optimize operations to save money.

Unlike consumer oriented mapping such as Google Maps, GIS Cloud has additional strength in delivering simple and advanced tools and analysis for business and government as well as enabling easy data sharing and collaboration within organizations. Running in the cloud, it can be integrated with your data and various external web applications and provide significantly lower IT costs and eliminate time maintaining, scaling and updating software and servers.

GIS Cloud is Software as a Service, as well as Platform as a Service. Its aim is to gradually replace traditional GIS through new business models and new features which the web makes possible, for example easy collaboration and sharing. GIS Cloud has the ability to not only supplement traditional solutions, but to extend and enrich their capabilities through the potential the internet provides. You can think of it as the “Google Docs” or “” of GIS.

In the first stage GIS Cloud will co-exists with traditional software and be available as an alternative that can add value to, and can be easily integrated with, traditional desktop software. By increasing the number of features and improving quality of service GIS Cloud will progressively make desktop and client/server GIS software obsolete.

GIS Cloud can be used as a tool for cadastre and land management, logistics processes such as planning and optimizing delivery routes, planning and managing telecommunication network infrastructure, retail planning and in industries such as public service, electric, water and gas, agronomy, military, real estate, marketing, ecology, science, etc.

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